Directions from barcelona airport to Angel Square Apartment

Directions from Airport El Prat to Angel Square Apartment

You can get to the apartment from the airport:
  • By train. We do not recommend this way, because it is difficult and time-consuming. The train station is in the terminal T2. Trains leave every half hour.  You will have to carry your luggage yourself. It is stuffy in trains and on platforms.
  • Bus Aerobus. Easy and cheap. But you will have to carry your luggage to the bus stop.
  • By taxi. It will cost about 35 euros. But you will have to carry your luggage to the taxi.
  • By a personal transfer. Even easier than the bus, but a little expensive. You will be greeted the driver with a sign and he will help with the luggage.

Personal Transfer

Route description «Airport El Prat -> Angel Square Apartment» by AeroBus

After receiving your luggage and clearing customs at the airport «El Prat» call the number +34 646 826 251 (Danielle) and agree on the time of arrival at the apartment. Journey time from airport to apartment by Aerobus is about 30-40 minutes.
In the hall of the airport locate pointer «Aerobus» and follow the signs. You need a blue bus Aerobus.

Aerobus runs from 05:30 to 00:30 seven days a week and lunch breaks. Buses depart every 5 minutes. The fare is about 6 Euros. The driver accepts cash coins and banknotes denominations of 5, 10, and 20 € only. Near the landing there are several ticket machines that accept credit cards.

If the duration of your trip less than 10 days, inclusive, then you can buy the ticket «round-trip». The cost of this ticket is cheaper. Keep the ticket for the return journey!

Aerobus on the way into town makes stops:

  • Airport
  • Spaine Square (Placa Espanya)
  • Gran Via-Urgell (Gran Via — Urgell)
  • University Square (Placa Universitat)
  • Catalunya Square (Placa Catalunya)

Get off at «Placa Universitat«. Next, walk down on the left side of the street Ronda Sant Antoni to the first turn to the left near the theater Goya. Further down the street to the house Joaquin Costa 32.

On the photo: Crossroad Joaquin Costa street and Ferlandina street. On the right side you can see the entrance door, on which the house number «32.» Right of the door has an intercom.
Call the apartment on the intercom «3° — 2ª».. (3°: Tercero piso-third floor (by Spanish standards), 2ª: Segunda puerta — the second door on the floor).

Apartments on the map (walking route from Placa Universitat to the apartment)

See the enlarged map

Route description «Angel Square Apartment — Airport El Prat» by AeroBus

Aerobus buses leave from Plaza Catalunya. The stop is located opposite the main entrance to the store El Corte Ingles.

Travel time on foot from the apartment to the bus stop — about 10 minutes.

Fare system is the same as at the airport El Prat. Payment in cash to the driver or ushers to stop. The bus stop is equipped with ticket machines with payment by bank cards. If you have bought tickets «round-trip», then simply present them on the landing.

Important! Buses arrive at terminals «1» and «2» and have the appropriate designation: «A1» and «A2». Please check in advance of your flight departure terminal in your ticket. If you arrive in the wrong terminal, you need to find a place landing Aerobus, sit in a green bus — shuttle service running between terminals. Journey time — 20-25 minutes. This can be critical if you miss the flight.

Aerobus runs from 05:30 to 00:30 seven days a week and lunch breaks. Buses depart every 5 minutes.

Bus on the way to the airport makes stops:

  • Catalunia Square (Placa Catalunya)
  • Sepulveda-Urgell
  • Spaine Square (Placa Espanya)
  • Airport (Terminal1 or Terminal2)

The place of departure and the Aerobus route to the airport from Plaza de Catalunya:

See the enlarged map



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